Sanitary installations

Professional support for your sanitation



Installing sanitation isn’t just that easy. We always recommend you to have this carried out by an experienced company like Brouwer Installateur. You minimise the risk of damage or leakage and you can be assured that your bathroom, sink, bath, shower and toilet are installed the way you wish. Every bathroom and toilet are unique and require customisation to get maximum customer’s satisfaction.  That’s the reason we always align with you how you want your sanitation placed, offering you expert advice on the possibilities and best installation options for your bathroom and toilet.



Sanitation repairs


Should a sanitary appliance get defective or doesn’t it operate the way it should, we make sure we send someone over the same day to make a quick repair in order to avoid any more damage. If  the defective sanitary appliance has led to water damage the larger part of our repair work is covered by insurance. We have vast experience in assisting you with your insurance claim!

 Is the damage so big that the best solution is to replace part of your sanitation, we buy the sanitation parts and install them for you. Within the shortest period of time you will be able to use your bathroom sink, shower or toilet again.

Bathroom renovation

Brouwer Installateur has years of experience and expertise when it comes to major bathroom renovations. We know as well as anybody that a complete renovation can be an exhaustive project. Especially when the existing pipelines have to be replaced and the entire wall and floor have to be removed. Expert advice and a solid plan are essential to run the entire project smoothly and to your full satisfaction.     


N.B. A bathroom renovation doesn’t always mean a completely new bathroom. Installing  new sanitary appliances and covering the bathroom walls and floor with new tiles will result in a complete makeover!  Therefore we always advise you to discuss your wishes and requirements with us in advance. Maybe just a few bathroom adaptations are necessary to reach the desired result. In that case the duration of the renovation process is a lot shorter and will save you a fair amount of costs compared to a complete bathroom renovation.

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