Renewing your roof cover

Roofs are continuously exposed to weather effects that cause ageing of the material, deterioration and small damages. An average roof cover has a lifespan of approximately 20 to 25 years. Even if the maintenance level has been up to standard, at some point your roof cover has to be renewed. When the roof cover isn’t replaced on time problems such as leakages or other kinds of damage can arise. The Brouwer Installateur experts are happy to drop by to access the roof and advise you on the options of a new roof cover. If the existing roof cover is still in good condition we will inform you about the maximum remaining lifespan of your roof cover, so you can take that into account.      


Brouwer Installateur is specialised in bitumen and synthetic roof covers, ideal to work on flat and slightly sloped roofs. Bitumen and synthetic roofing materials are known for their long life span because of their sustainable caracteristiques. Besides being sustainable it’s also perfectly resistant to moisture and easy to insulate. The edges of our roofs are finished off with the quality materials sinc, copper and/or lead.

Of course, we also handle complete metal roofing and roofing systems from zinc and copper. These metals will even last a lot longer than bitumen or synthetic products. Ask for the possibilities!

Roof leakages

The roof is a common location for a leakage. These leakages mostly occur through extreme weather, such as water abundance or a long period of severe frost. Flaws in the roof structure can also cause leakages. You are totally right that the cause doesn’t interest you at that moment, you just want the leakage to be resolved as quickly as possible. Our roof experts come by immediately to detect the cause and stop the leaking process. By responding right away and taking care of the leakage in a professional manner further damage is prevented.  


It’s not always easy to see where the leakage is coming from. Our roof experts use the latest detection methods to determine the exact location of the leak. This way there’s probably no need to demolish or break away the construction in order to find the leakage, which will save you a fair amount of costs. The leak is then taken care of by us and will be professionally finished, in such a way that there won’t be anymore water coming from under the roof from that location.

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