Pipe system

Putting new pipes in place or replacing the current pipe system demands craftsmanship. Is a new drain needed, do you need new water pipes or do you want an outdoor tap to be placed? The experts of Brouwer Installateur know exactly how to handle all parts of your pipe system. Obviously we can also help you adjust the existing pipe system or drain when a new kitchen or bathroom is being placed.


Is your drain leaking or is water running from a faucet when it shouldn’t? We solve every problem you may have with your pipe system quickly and professionally and we will make sure that every repair work is finished off neat and tidy. If during repair works, we should detect that the pipe system shows signs of deterioration, we set up a plan to restore your pipe system in perfect condition.  


A blockage in the house causes a lot of discomfort. A toilet that doesn’t flush anymore, a blocked kitchen drain or water that stops flowing through the shower drain, it’s all equally annoying. In most cases a blockage causes so much distress that you want the problem to be solved immediately. At Brouwer Installateur we understand that necessity as well as anyone else, so we make sure we’re always ready to help out when a blockage occurs.   


Do you have blockages in your house regularly? It’s advisable to let us check your existing pipe system in more detail. Sometimes drainage and pipes in the kitchen are so tight that grease and food residues quickly can lead to a blockage. A small adjustment or replacement of existing pipes can make sure that water flows away much easier and will minimise the risk of future blockages. 

Installation and repair

Brouwer Installateur has the knowledge and years of experience to carry out all kinds of  installation and repair work for you. Our experts know exactly what professional plumbing means. Maintenance to your boiler, a blockage that needs to be resolved immediately, installation of new sanitation or repair work to an obsolete pipe, for every plumbing project we have the skills you need.  


Boiler service and repair
● Blockages (drainage, sewer system, toilet)
● Pipe system installation, repair and replacement
● Sanitary installation and repair
● Roofing installation and maintenance

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