Central heating system installation

Installation of a new central heating system can be quite expensive, especially when you invest in a new boiler and new radiators. A professional, safe and reliable installation is essential for a pleasant temperature and flowing, warm water in the house. A well functioning boiler also makes sure your central heating system has a longer lifespan and protects you against the release of carbon monoxide. Brouwer Installateur is a certified installer. That means years of experience and expertise to install your central heating system effortlessly and quickly.


We install boilers of all well known brands like Nefit and Remeha, suppliers of the best and most reliable boilers in the market. When installing a new boiler we remove the obsolete boiler (including smoke exhaust pipes!) and dispose of all the materials. Of course we thoroughly test the new boiler on all functionalities and safety. The boiler will also be economically tuned so you will save on our energy costs.       

Boiler and radiator maintenance

Periodical maintenance of your heating system is necessary in order to get optimal efficiency out of your boiler. Furthermore, with this maintenance you minimise the risk of failures and you increase the safety and lifespan of your boiler and radiators. We carry out maintenance on boilers from Nefit, Bosch, Junkers, Radson and Remeha. Concluding a maintenance contract with us is practical, because you will be sure that your heating system is thoroughly checked. Do you want to stay free from a contract? No worries, of course we also carry out a one-off service to check on your boiler.   


However, do you experience an unforeseen failure of your boiler, in most cases you can solve these yourself. Does the failure keep coming back, contact us and we will come over to find out what causes the failure and solve the issue right away, if possible. Should any parts need to be replaced, you can be assured this will be carried out the same or next day especially during the winter months.   

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