Chimney renovation

Why is a chimney renovation necessary?

The most important answer to that question. Safety. An obsolete chimney that shows signs of deterioration or damage can cause dangerous situations. For example smoke coming back out of the chimney into the living room can contain carbon monoxide. A leakage in the flue pipe that ends up in the gas heater can also cause a precarious situation and in some situations even leads to a chimney fire. Do you have the feeling that your chimney no longer complies, our experts draw up a plan together with you to renovate your chimney as soon as possible. 

Chimney renovation by Brouwer Installateur

What can you expect from us when we’re going to work on your chimney? First of all our experts assess the current status of your chimney. That’s because it’s not always necessary to completely replace your chimney, in most cases a partial renovation is usually sufficient to use the chimney again. Think about grouting your chimney, impregnating your chimney to avoid flooding or replacing a part of the flue pipe where the damage is located. Brouwer Installateur has a professional and fitting solution for every situation.

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