About us

1963 was the year of big change on dealing with energy. From that moment gas replaced coal- and oil firing on a large scale. That also meant that a lot of new gas appliances were designed that had to be fitted and provided with maintenance. 


After Wim Brouwer started Brouwer Installateur in that same year 1963, the first few years work mostly consisted of heating- and plumbing work. In the years after roofing also became a primary service: lead, zinc and copper handling, as well as mastic (tar) roof cover. After mastic was prohibited this roof cover was replaced by bitumen roof cover and synthetics. 


Nowadays Brouwer Installateur supports her clients with a full range of plumbing- and roof services: sanitary installations, heating, roofing and chimney renovations. Furthermore, we also do complete bathroom and toilet renovations, including the plastering and tiling. We carry out our services mainly for private individuals, but companies also use our services on a regular basis. 


With our years of experience and expert professionals we’ve finalised numerous projects successfully and to the satisfaction of our clients. As we always put customer’s satisfaction our top priority we ensure that our clients always come back to use when they are in need of a professional installer.

Looking for a reliable, qualified installation company? Brouwer Installateur!

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