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Why Brouwer Installateur?


Since 1963 we have been a familiar address in the Gooi area and surroundings. With years of experience we know exactly what’s best for your situation. Plumbing, roofing, sanitary installations and heating systems, for every project we’re the reliable partner that you’re looking for.


Every fitter has the required expertise, craftsmanship and experience to carry out each project fast and thoroughly . By working according to the prescribed protocols we are a certified and qualified fitter. Therefore we always provide the quality and professionality which those qualifications imply.

Always the best customized solution

Our experts always think along with you what’s the best solution for your specific situation. After an analysis of your case a solution and plan will be conducted and presented in order to minimize unexpected surprises. Moreover, we will do everything possible to minimize the inconvenience when we are working in or around your home.

Looking for a reliable, qualified installation company? Brouwer Installateur!

Get in contact with us when you need a plumber, want an expert to work on your roof or when
you believe it’s time to renovate your bathroom and toilet. We will be happy and honoured to
assist you!